A healthy diet cheers the heart, nourishes the body and rekindles memory”(Sushruta)

When I first approached Ayurveda, I was immediately fascinated by its principles on diet and the importance it has in the prevention and treatment of a person. It is said that food is our first medicine and a good cook is our first doctor. This is why I decided to deepen this knowledge and enrolled in my first course of Ayurveda on diet and cooking, held by Dr. Dacia Dalla Libera together with cook Gaspare Leonessa. Thanks to that intense and nutritious experience, my passion for cooking awakened! It’s the same passion I have had and cultivated through time, diving into theory and practice during my path to become a therapist, thanks to Dacia’s classes and incentive, few cooking experiences in India and my own experiments in the kitchen. Cooking has given me the chance to let my creativity come out, combining the ingredients I find in my garden with those in my kitchen to make delicious, healthy and well-balanced dishes! Moreover, cooking is a nice way to meditate, balance myself, be present and transform. Now I can express and share this passion of mine with you, spreading the love I have for cooking and Ayurveda.

“The whole world looks for food, it is the source of life to every living being. Clarity, longevity, intelligence, happiness, satisfaction, strength and knowledge, all these things reside in food” (Charaka)


According to Ayurveda, breakfast has a fundamental role in giving us the energy and stability we need to face every day at our best. In our B&B, we care for on-the-spot breakfast, healthy and balanced according to Ayurveda, depending on the season, and sometimes customized, through spices and different ingredients, according to the guests we are having. A delicious porridge, some good chai, our loved ghee and jams smeared on turmeric bread we make with sourdough. And, why not, something savory, so we don’t miss out on any of the six tastes, as the ayurvedic textbooks recommend.

During summer, we love arranging open events to everyone, where we combine Yoga and meditation on the beach at dawn and some delicious and nutritious breakfast in our garden.


AyurvedAmare is also an ayurvedic home restaurant! We are eager to offer you breakfast, lunch and dinner by booking in advance, or at one of our theme-based cooking events! We can host birthday and anniversary parties, different celebrations, with wide tables in the garden in summer or inside our spacious basement by the fireplace in the coldest months. There will be enough time to share some information and in-depth reviews on ayurvedic cooking.

For those who’d like it, we also offer a take-out service, upon reservation, to take home your customized, detoxifying and rebalancing meal.


“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.”

We offer consultations to find the best path to your proper diet, step by step, customizing the diet according to the individual constitution (prakrti) and the imbalance at that moment (vikrti), always respecting seasons, as Ayurveda recommends.


We arrange cooking classes, even upon request, to start familiarize with the principles of the ayurvedic diet, starting from practice and sensory experience, and being literally involved!

“The process of life is a never-ending digestion”