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New appointments with YOGA at AyurvedAmare

The summer is over and in Ayurvedamare new appointments with Yoga are planned, starting from 28 September:

FABIOLA Tuesday and Thursday 18: 30-20

MAICOL Wednesday 9-10: 30 Friday 6: 30-8

Places are limited, so reservations are required by contacting

Fabiola 333/4755375

Maicol 333/2425343

Fabiola and Maicol were trained at the Pramiti school by Master Walter Thirak Ruta following the teachers of Sri Sri Sri Satchidananda the silent Yogi of Madras

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The angel of the HEART is the one who accompanies us since our incarnation, with the mission of supporting our HEART both as a physical organ and as a center of feelings and relationships.

He communicates with us by sending us information through FEELINGS AND FEELINGS. In this way he shows us where we “are” in this given present moment.

Meditation, by Sara Pellegrino and followed by Ayurvedic Apericena by Angela Giotto and Maicol Urbinati.

FRIDAY 19 AUGUST 7.00 pm
at AyurvedAmare
Info and reservations:
3516270222 |
Via Garibaldi 65 / B – Igea Marina (RN)



Appointment with Jacopo Buda and Nicola Guarino “Sound Journey”, Friday 27 May at 7.00 pm Ayurvedic aperitif, followed by 9.00 pm concert at Ayurvedamarare via Garibaldi 65 / b Igea Marina. Info and reservations 348.4662711

“Music is the greatest mystery in the world. All manifestation is made of vibrations and vibrations contain its secret. The vibrations of music free the soul and lift from people all the thinking that holds them together. Music reaches the soul in an instant “(Hazrat Inayat Khan)


Kalarippayat: Meeting with Cécile Gordon

Friday 13 May at 6.30 pm conference and demonstration. 20.00 Ayurvedic aperitif

Info and reservations: | +39 3516270222

We also inform you that on days from 16 to 19 it will be possible to receive an Ayurvedic massage from Cécile Gordon.

We remind you that there is still room for the Kalari-Yoga and Kalarippayat seminar on May 20-22 and we block the price at € 220 for all 3 days.

KALARIPPAYAT is an ancestral art that comes from Kérala (South India) Martial art, dynamic Yoga and Medicine at the same time. This discipline is a specialized branch of Ayurvedic Medicine. It includes at the same time a body practice, but also specific treatment techniques including structured massages. The practice is a dynamic yogic application designed to harmonize body and mind. The postures and movements are expertly organized in precise sequences by combining the qualities of Lassi / Tandava (female / male). These sequences allow you to prevent some ailments “Body-energetics” through the stimulation of the organs and the release of energies.



May 3, 2022

An evening dedicated to good food, Ayurveda and good company.

Dinner also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, with local products and traditional Ayurvedic dishes.

Maicol Urbinati, Ayurvedic therapist, will explain the use of spices and their benefits

For info and reservations write to Giada Benasciutti on whatsapp or telegram at 3451388316.

Limited places, possibility of overnight stay.



Appointment of 20-21-22 May 2022

with the Yoga-Kalari and Kalarippayatcon Stage

We have the honor of hosting from France the teacher of Kalari Cècile Gordon, representative of the Kalari tradition in Europe and one of the few women in the world to pass on this ancient discipline.

Kalarippayat is martial art, dynamic yoga and medicine at the same time. The practice is a dynamic yogic application designed to harmonize body and mind.

The postures and movements are expertly organized in precise sequences combining the qualities of Lassi / Tandava (female / male). These sequences make it possible to prevent certain “body-energy” disorders by stimulating the organs and releasing the energies.

An intensive 3-day seminar suitable for everyone that will take place mostly in the open air (beach or park). Possibility of special packages with overnight stay, Ayurvedic meals and any Ayurvedic treatments with Cècile Gordon or with AyurvedAmare therapists.

Contact us for more info!



The cozy space of the Basement of AyurvedAmare will welcome you with Fabiola to practice Hatha Yoga. You just can’t miss it!

Every Wednesday and Friday from 6:30pm to 8pm

Via Garibaldi 65B, Igea Marina
Info and enrollment: +393334755375 (Fabiola)

Fabiola is a yoga instructor, graduated at the Pramiti School of master Walter Thirak Ruta, according to the teachings of the Silent Yogi of Madras, Sri Sri Sri Satchidananda.



Vastu, or yoga of the house, is the branch of yoga dealing with the environment we live in.
In essence, Vastu considers our house like a manifestation of our inner world, our subconscious.

Moving according to the Vastu method, so, is like following a path of growth and personal evolution, which goes from outside to inside.

During the day we spend together, we will address Vastu through its deepest meaning and we will learn how it basically works to apply it to our house and so benefit greatly from it.

Online introducing evening:
TUESDAY 5th APRIL at 8:30pm

Vastu course with Roberta Pasinato:
Sunday 1st MAY from 9:30am to 6:30pm

(It is highly recommended to bring the map of your house with you, possibly already oriented according to the 4 cardinal points)

Info and reservation: +393516270222 |


For more than twenty years, Roberta Pasinato has been walking the paths of the holistic world through research, study, practice and sharing.

She deals with Vastu, Flower therapy, Guiding and promoting cyclicity and awareness of the Sacred Feminine, Yoga and emotional proprioception.



It is a simple (nonalcoholic) remedy to activate our digestive fire (Agni) and prepare our stomach to receive and digest food (and not just that…think of all those emotions or situations that we can’t digest!) at its best. It is recommended 15-30 minutes before each meal.

You can make it on a teaspoon or in a cup. Grate a piece of fresh ginger, add about a teaspoon of liquid honey (e.g., acacia) and squeeze in some lemon juice. Same quantity for each ingredient.

This remedy is very useful to activate the metabolism, eliminate toxins, awaken the body and mind (it can be an excellent replacement for coffee in the morning!), and, above all, it is a real cure-all against cold, cough and sore throat!

It is a mix of Ginger, Lemon and Honey, same quantity for each of them.

CONTACT US for info and quotations