Maicol Urbinati, Ayurvedic Therapist and owner of the B&B and Ayurvedic Centre AyurvedAmare in Igea Marina.

Very passionate about Yoga and Indian philosophy, a few years ago he fell in love with Ayurveda and changed his life. He quitted his job as an IT engineer to take care of those who are looking for their wellbeing and inner balance.

He studied in Italy under the guidance of Dr. Dacia Dalla Libera, neurologist and Ayurvedic doctor, whom he is still working with now. He continued studying in India and he expanded his knowledge first in Kerala, where he gained knowledge of the mysterious Siddha medicine, and then at Nadiad ayurvedic hospital, in Gujarat, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Gupta, who taught him Panchakarma techniques.

He is currently going deep into his journey into Ayurveda through books and seminars. He is attending Yoga classes at the Pramiti school of master Walter Thirak Ruta.

Sara Urbinati, Reception, Chef Assistant and Breakfast helper.

She a “special” girl with a pure heart, she’s curious and caring, and always ready to welcome you with a big smile. She loves cooking and helping her brother with the recipes he suggests. She’s natural and authentic: we can all learn from her.

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AyurvedAmare is not just an accommodation facility with an ayurvedic center, it is a dream coming true, a dream I had during my first journey to India. I was in the countryside of Kerala, away from the chaotic touristy area, in a small family-run clinic of traditional Indian medicine, surrounded by a special magic. There, a young couple of doctors were making medicated oils with local plants, cooking nutritious spiced food, and they were looking after the people they were hosting with love and passion.

When I came back, I decided to bring this experience to Italy and I started to turn the house I live in into a place of hospitality and sharing.

AyurvedAmare is located along the coast of Romagna, in a small town named after the goddess of health, Igea Marina. Here we offer a complete range of ayurvedic treatments in a cozy, calm family-run space, very close to the beach. We also offer very good food “from farm to table”, ayurvedic cooking classes, customized yoga practice, meditations at dawn, in-land walks and much more. Always embracing sharing.

You will be welcomed with open arms!

Maicol Urbinati – Ayurvedic Therapist; Sara Urbinati – Reception and Breakfast; Ayurvedamare Summer Staff with the support of Therapists: Diana Bellavista, Lara Malfatti, Luana Sbaffi and Yoga teachers: Francesca Qoya, Alessio Montalti

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