Kalarippayat: Meeting with Cécile Gordon

Friday 13 May at 6.30 pm conference and demonstration. 20.00 Ayurvedic aperitif

Info and reservations: info@ayurvedamare.com | +39 3516270222

We also inform you that on days from 16 to 19 it will be possible to receive an Ayurvedic massage from Cécile Gordon.

We remind you that there is still room for the Kalari-Yoga and Kalarippayat seminar on May 20-22 and we block the price at € 220 for all 3 days.

KALARIPPAYAT is an ancestral art that comes from Kérala (South India) Martial art, dynamic Yoga and Medicine at the same time. This discipline is a specialized branch of Ayurvedic Medicine. It includes at the same time a body practice, but also specific treatment techniques including structured massages. The practice is a dynamic yogic application designed to harmonize body and mind. The postures and movements are expertly organized in precise sequences by combining the qualities of Lassi / Tandava (female / male). These sequences allow you to prevent some ailments “Body-energetics” through the stimulation of the organs and the release of energies.

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