Appointment of 20-21-22 May 2022

with the Yoga-Kalari and Kalarippayatcon Stage

We have the honor of hosting from France the teacher of Kalari Cècile Gordon, representative of the Kalari tradition in Europe and one of the few women in the world to pass on this ancient discipline.

Kalarippayat is martial art, dynamic yoga and medicine at the same time. The practice is a dynamic yogic application designed to harmonize body and mind.

The postures and movements are expertly organized in precise sequences combining the qualities of Lassi / Tandava (female / male). These sequences make it possible to prevent certain “body-energy” disorders by stimulating the organs and releasing the energies.

An intensive 3-day seminar suitable for everyone that will take place mostly in the open air (beach or park). Possibility of special packages with overnight stay, Ayurvedic meals and any Ayurvedic treatments with Cècile Gordon or with AyurvedAmare therapists.

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