GHEE (clarified butter)

Clarified butter is dear to Ayurveda and it has innumerable beneficial properties.

In particular, Ghee is very useful to maintain good Ojas (Vigor, vital lymph) and good Bala (physical and mental Strength), which together combine to maintain a healthy immune system. This is what ancient ayurvedic textbooks would say about it, but also recent scientific studies have showed the great benefits of good Fat in the treatment of different diseases. Ghee is also considered a Rasayana (rejuvenating). It is an excellent vehicle for spices and medicinal herbs and it is useful, when applied on the skin in case of inflammation, burns, dermatitis. It is also used in some ayurvedic treatments like massages to newborns or pregnant women.

So, let’s not demonize fats, on the contrary, let’s start including Ghee in our diet. We will benefit enormously. It can replace regular butter, which is poorly digestible due to the presence of water and animal proteins, both make it difficult for our body to separate and absorb them. Ghee, also, is kept out of the fridge for months, differently from butter.

“Everyone should eat Ghee even after getting into debt. Health is wealth. Eating clarified butter improves good health and good health improves wealth.” (Dr. Pankaj Chhayani)

“Ghee promotes digestion, reproductive system and immune system. It is cooling and provides softness to the body. Moreover, it promotes clarity of voice and complexion”.

(Charaka Samhita)


One or more pats of organic butter


It is processed by taking out water and milk protein, so obtaining the purely lipidic part of butter, that is to say the “fat” part. This demonized and harshly criticized substance, which is still suggested eliminating from diets because it “makes you fat”, is actually very useful to our organism to be nourished and lubricated.

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